Tuesday, October 19, 2010

fall time exploring.

Fall is really pretty. Really. One of our favorite autumn-time things to do is explore new places ... we've been attempting to apple pick for the past three autumns, so a couple of weekends ago, we drove a long while to an apple orchard that just happened to be frozen over, thereby, no apple picking ... so, what else to do but wander? (and buy a lot of apples at a farm stand to overcompensate.)

We found an amazing old train bridge converted into a walking path ... a beautiful lavender field in the middle of the rolling hills ... and even some houses that were so old and so cool, martha even gave them a shout out.

Seriously folks - go wander!

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Rachel said...

Oh, I love bein out in the fall air, if I have a good coat (which I do, now, yay!). We went for a walk last night, downtown, and it was so nice to have a pumpkin spice latte and wander around at dusk....the little one loved it, too, which felt good.
And also, I'm so glad you commented our blog, or how else would I have found yours?! Yay! So far I love everything about yours....

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