Tuesday, October 05, 2010

customer satisfaction.

A couple of months ago - we sold one of our favorite blouse pieces -- an adorable, va-va-vroom sexy black + white polka dot number.

We shipped this pretty vintage dress off to Norway (the land of my ancestors, by the way) and just this week -- received these adorable photos of this adorable Norwegian in our dress! (well, her dress now.)

She broke it out for a friend's birthday party and in her words, felt so good wearing it and got so many compliments.

(feeling good and compliments - does it get better than that?)

We might have creeped her out with the enthusiasm we had when we received these photos ... but we get very excited to see the happy homes blouse goods find.

And we just love the red lips and the red earrings with the black and white ... and those poses! (she lived any closer, we creep her out even more by asking her model for blouse!)


jane + jen said...

beautiful! and wonderful old hollywood look with those lips! thanks soooo much for the pics!


Signe said...

I really like your enthusiasm! And don´t worry, I´m not freaked out that easily... ;-)

This is my first time being featured in a blog. I think it´s really cool, and will tell my friends to check out your blog and shop.

Again, I am totally in love with this dress! Can´t wait to wear it again.

Signe :-)

Shauna said...

This made my, my week! :)


The #1 blouse fan
(well, maybe #2 after Jen's mom) ;)

Rachel said...

Oh, so fun, what more could you want than to have everything come full circle and see the item being modeled by it's new owner? Lovely.

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