Thursday, September 09, 2010

corinne day.

I have to admit, a few days ago, I didn't know who Corinne Day was. And now, I simply cannot stop obsessing over this woman's photographs.

Corinne Day is the self-taught model turned photographer that is credited with discovering Kate Moss. Part of her story is when she started taking photos of Kate (at 16 ... what a baby), she refused to alter the pictures in any way, explaining that as a model - she always was forced to become somebody she wasn't.

It's probably why these now infamous photos of the infamous model are so refreshing.

I've learned Corinne is known for her documentary style fashion photography. She spent many years photographing her close friends - and the pictures are so honest and so real and so vulnerable.

I see these real life pictures affecting her fashion photography ... and I love that.

The reason, sadly, that I finally found Corinne Day, was when I heard of the news of her death - from cancer, at the too-young age of 45.

She leaves behind such beauty and such inspiration. Thank you, Corinne.

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