Tuesday, August 31, 2010

jacket + wendy love.

The spring 2010 Built by Wendy collection is on sale ... and if I just found a couple of hundred dollars lying about, I would be seriously tempted by this alluring jade green fisherman's jacket. I'm a sucker for pockets and a high neck, what can I say.

While I already love the Wendy behind Built by Wendy (self taught seamstress/designer, how awesome is that?) -- I fell more in love when I found out that a few years ago - she had her friend, Amy Sedaris, model for the company.

Amy Sedaris, for the record, is probably my most favorite person. In the world.

And if she ever modeled for blouse, I would bake her cupcakes and in between photographing her, awkwardly express my undying love and probably try to creepily touch her hair.

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Anonymous said...

Ditto the undying love towards Amy Sedaris. I'd be happy to model for you as Jeri Blank, if that helps :). -Joanna

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