Wednesday, July 14, 2010

make a list.

every summer, I've made a to-do list. The items on the list have ranged from ambitious (learn french) to convenient (celebrate my birthday with ice cream. a lot of ice cream.)

now - did I always do everything on this to-do list? No. (e.g. french) But - it did always get me excited for the summer months - and reminded me of how many things are so nice to do. Well, this year I simply forgot.

There's still time ... so I'm making a list. Starting now. And we think you should too!

And you're lucky - we have a must for that summer of 2010 list of yours ... so you're already on your way. (and we're also taking recommendations for our list, of course.)

things i will do
summer 10:

1. ride a carousel. (we just had a mini-photoshoot at one and trust us. buy some tickets and pick out your favorite horse and it'll be a good time.)


Anonymous said...

After reading this, I've decided I need to go to Krape Park and ride their's nice to be reminded to just enjoy... M

Jane said...

careful. they go fast!

pfg123 said...

FUN!!! Love the pics!

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