Thursday, April 22, 2010

wren 10.

I spotted these two little cuties on camp comfort today and woah. I'm in love.

They're from the summer 10 collection of wren ... summer. exactly. How can you look at these dresses and not imagine eating a hot dog. Watching fireworks. In a park. With your closest friends. And maybe a few boxes of wine to top off the hot dogs.

Now that's a perfect summer day. Am I right?

All that sweetness inspired me to post a favorite here at blouse ... an adorable white jumper with sweet as candy pink stripes. With playful pockets and a comfy fit - you'll be all ready for your perfect day in the park ... whether or not that includes boxed wine. To each their own.


purduepam said...

This is a candy striper uniform. I had one just like it when I was 15 and a candy striper volunteer at the local hospital.

JoAnne Schnepp said...

Yep...I had one too...back in the mid 1960's when I also worked as a teen volunteer at the local hospital. Amazing to look at one again. My volunteer days led me right into a career as a registered nurse too!

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