Friday, April 02, 2010

a fancy faux bois dress.

One of the many reasons I just love the internet is that it allows me to completely avoid my arch nemesis: pronunciation.

(for example, engaging someone in a conversation instead of blogging away about blouse's fancy new dress would eventually force me to spit out the phrase, "It's like the look of faux, pho, um, fake bois, boys, boiii, um, fake wood. It's like the look of fake wood.")


But here in my world of typing clattering typing and spell check, faux bois is just: faux bois.

Which brings us back to my new favorite at the shoppe: believe we are magic vintage black dress.

Doesn't this wonderful fabric resemble, a tad, the look of *cough* faux bois? It's actually moire fabric, which is known for a watery, wavy appearance. I suppose one could see waves of watery-ness, but I totally can see fake wood. And maybe up until this point you haven't considered how badly you need a dress that resembles fake wood, but your time is now.

All I'm saying.

Blouse totally has a new obsession.

1. flor carpet tiles by martha stewart
2. faux bois woodgrain invitations by cheerupcherup on etsy
3. forever print by ameliamae on etsy
4. faux bois journals by parcel

Oh, and did I mention the believe we are magic vintage dress by blouse?

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