Sunday, February 28, 2010

scarf tricks.

Scarves are one of my favorite accessories -- no, make that my favorite accessory. It's like getting away, fashionably, with walking around for the day with a security blanket. So cozy.

In these last few days of winter, I'm getting my scarf fill - and wanted to show you one my favorite ways to wear one.

The idea is from a little pamphlet my mom gave me - (printed in 1987 by the Fashion Accessories Association).

From the booklet: "[scarves] can redefine your look and create styles that are dressy, casual, professional, sporty or sizzling."

Did you read that? Sizzling! What woman doesn't want to be called sizzling? I know I do.

Anyway - the is the bib wrap (the one that doesn't involve eating lobster).

directions for the bib wrap:

1. fold a square scarf into a triangle (or use a larger triangle shaped scarf), place the point in the front.
2. cross ends behind the neck.
3. tie in the front, over the point.

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