Thursday, January 26, 2012

styleweek providence ::: hair + makeup

Whew! An exciting night at Styleweek Providence! Jane + I were invited backstage by one of favorite everyday girl designers, Nicole Lebreux, to get an insider's peek of what goes on off/before the runway!

We spent the majority of our time trying to avoid knocking over hairspray cans and makeup brushes -- but in between being so graceful, we couldn't stop gawking at all the talented people crammed in one room.

Specifically, we're talking about all the creative magicians hair stylists/makeup artists. At one quick glance, backstage could have seemed a little chaotic ... but it was truly a seamless machine, with each model going through makeup ... and then hair ... and then makeup touch up ... and then a fitting ... and then hair touch up ... and then, a little more lipstick. And, I didn't even see a single accidental eyeliner eye-stabbing. But of course, these are professionals we're talking about here, people.

Last night's two shows were incredibly different -- Nicole Lebreux showed her fall/winter collection of colorful patterns, pretty side braids and dreamy vintage fabrics. Marcel Plante is a Boston based designer specializing in couture and drag. And the people behind the scenes -- the people confidently wielding those round brushes and mascara wands -- successfully created such two different looks.

It was great to get a glimpse of backstage -- if anything, it just added to the magic of the runway, not too mention how inspiring it was to see the designers' dream teams in action!

(styleweek providence artistic director of makeup: jessica berndt ::: lead hair stylist: bethany mechan ::: creative supervisor: lulu locks)


SewnbyGail said...

What an exciting night! Great pictures!

Lynda Williams said...

You girls rock! Nice meeting you and look forward to your blog!

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