Thursday, August 04, 2011

a look book and a chance to win.

Ask anyone to name the top three things about summer -- and if ice cream isn't on their list, take them immediately to an ice cream parlor and force them to share a banana split with you. And by "share" we mean order two banana splits.

We love ice cream so much that a local vintage inspired ice cream parlor turned out to be the perfect spot for a little blouse shoot after our outdoor blouse shoot was rained out.

And -- since we can't share our own ice cream sundaes with all of you lovely everyday girls -- we wanted to share the love by giving away 50 free blouse bucks with the launch of the Flavor of the Day vintage dress collection!

(blouse bucks are these magic dollars that can be used in the shoppe for anything your vintage loving heart desires!)

All you have to do to win is show blouse some love by sharing our Flavor of the Day collection -- etc. blogging about it / tweeting about it / hiring a plane to write "blouse" in the sky / etc.

Just copy any of the photos in this post and share!

Then - leave a comment letting us know! We'll let you know when we select that lucky everyday girl winner!


Shauna said...

LOVE the look book! REALLY LOVE the new models! SUPER LOVE how you turned a rained-out playground shoot into a super fun and gorgeous vintage ice cream parlor shoot. Way to show your everyday girl ingenuity, ladies!!

Joanna said...

Shared via Facebook :)
And I love this photo shoot. It's so fun, creative, and lovely it's hard to believe the ice cream parlor wasn't your first choice.

Well done ladies, well done.

P.S. There are so many models now! I guess that means when a certain buffalo-chicken-eating, improv-loving blouse fan from Chicago visits in the fall, you won't need her to guest model anymore...

Gail said...

Shared this wonderful blog with the great vintage dresses with email friends. The ice cream parlor is a fun place for a photo shoot!

Kate Adams said...

This is great! Shared it on Google+! :)

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