Monday, July 11, 2011

going both ways.

A few days ago I had a busy day at work, doing important work-like things like attending meetings and pretending to be answering urgent emails while actually playing Words with Friends on my phone. After work -- I had a busy date night, doing things like picking up some local, free range eggs at a country farm and going out to dinner for buckets of fried seafood.

I decided to try to pull it all off with one skirt.

For the day - I wore a black blazer with the sleeves rolled up (aka: my getting down to business business look), a black tank and gold jewelry with the skirt. Along with my gold oxfords and my brown leather bag - I went for a business casual feel ... trying to portray the message, "I'm creative and fun, yet my organized flow charts will blow. you. away."

And for the night - I wanted a cool and summery casual look. So, I left the blazer crumpled up in the backseat and threw on a sheer short sleeve top, some bright earrings and a pair of flirty black vintage heels. Then, I flirted with a little hottie at the farm.

The skirt felt great all day/night long ... it was warm enough in the air conditioned office and cool enough under the warm evening sun. And the elastic waist? Did I mention the buckets of seafood? Enough said.

And the best part?? The skirt is for sale in the shoppe! (but sorry ... adorable baby goat is not included)


jane said...

Love that baby goat! Oh and that skirt too.


Kate said...

I loved how you remixed the skirt. It looks great both ways, but I especially like how you styled it business casual!

clementine and daisy. said...

jen. stop being so gosh darn cute. seriously.

Shauna said...

Awesome! I love it when blouse goes both ways! :) Cute shoes for both, too! Whoever buys that skirt is gonna be super lucky - soooo many outfit possibilities! :) You're adorable...and so is that super soft little goat friend of yours! :)

Anonymous said...

So fun and cute!

Jamie Rose said...

Great pictures! I really love the last one of you smiling in those awesome sunglasses. I'm loving those gold oxfords so much, too.

April said...

You look so great! I love the way you've styled the skirt! :)


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