Friday, April 29, 2011

from farm to fancy.

We have a lot of favorites around here at blouse ... but once in a while, there's a real favorite that we get attached to (which may or may not include a certain 1970s gunne sax wedding dress.)

This classic navy jumper is definitely near and dear to our blouse hearts ... after all, this image is the photo we use for our business cards! And this fall time blouse shoot - at a farm in upstate NY - was so much fun. (and that's not just the cider donuts talking.)

And since we love this dress so very much -- it made it that much better to receive this photo from its new home with Lisa!

Lisa! First of all, I'm in love with your haircut, especially the bangs. And even more so -- I'm in love with how you styled your new blouse dress! It's so fun to see it go from the farm ... to all dressed up with heels and a white collared and a wide belt! It's so perfect! (see how versatile vintage can be?!)

Lisa also made blouse blush a little with her compliments of how good the dress smelled! In her words, "I've yet to receive anything vintage off of Etsy that didn't smell like a closet full of mothballs, but I felt comfortable putting this on immediately with how clean it smelled!"

Lisa -- your photo made our day! You're the perfect everyday girl!


Heather Mount Photography said...

you're rocking that dress, randolph!

Lisa Randolph said...

Why thank you, Mrs. Mount. <3

And thank you, Blouse, for such a lovely write up! I'm in love with this dress - couldn't be happier.

Tierney said...

yay! she's so cute!

Shauna said...

It's so great to see who gets to enjoy all the blouse goodies! It's nice to know they're going to good homes and AWESOME everyday girls like Lisa! PS - Lisa, I love how your wood floor is at an angle to the wall where those great French doors are. :)

clementine and daisy. said...

loooooooooove it!!

Lisa Randolph said...

Thanks, all! :) And Shauna - thank you! I love this apartment so much.

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