Monday, March 21, 2011


You might have seen it in the news world this week - but it was apparently a big deal that the company Make Up For Ever released the supposedly first every untouched (aka: un-photoshopped) makeup ads.

Sure, they've got a Myspace feeling to them (right?) - but it's hard not to endorse the idea. Pointing out that these ads are not retouched makes one realize that every. other. single. ad. is. You know, to convince us to buy the concealer that's going to also make our neck longer and our lips bigger.

If there's any proof that the people behind the retouching tool at the makeup/fashion companies have just lost it - it's the adorable Zooey Deschanel's new Rimmel lipstick ad. On the left, the adorable Zooey. On the right, a computer generated image of Zooey's fourth cousin, once removed.

I'm going to be honest - if I even wanted to give our everyday models a glassy eyed look with skin so smooth it's suspicious, I don't even know how to do it. But that's the thing -- how could we change anything?! They're beautiful! They're glowing! They're real! If I ever even hint at taking a photoshop tool to these faces -- somebody, throw water in my face. And if that doesn't work, try wine.


Shauna said...

AWESOME!!! This is why I don't wear makeup...well, that and I can't see to put it on, but that's totally beside the point! :) By the look on Jane's face in this pic, she's thinking, "Brister, don't you DARE photoshop my face!" I mean...her nickname is FACE, after all! :) I <3 you girls and your fierce defense and promotion of TRUE BEAUTY!!! :)

Mrs Amber said...

ah, i love you. seriously :) It is soo refreshing to hear this! Everyday we are faced with magazine covers, etc. screaming "LOOK LIKE THIS" and it's absolutely ridiculous! Thank you for posting this!

blouse said...

i cannot get over the pics of Zooey! woah. that's major. those girls in the untouched ads are just gorgeous!

shauna you are right. my face is totally yelling. haha!!


chantilly said...

ugh, i saw that zooey ad on jezebel yestarday. horrible.

but on the bright side, bravo make up forever! it's a step in the right direction, even if it might be more for pr's sake than ours.

Kimberlee said...

Way to step into the new age, Blouse!! Where truth and authenticity far exceed the worn-out and often destructive fashion ideals of unrealistic "perfection." I love you, Blouse! Please hire me.

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