Wednesday, February 09, 2011

skate shop.

Jane at the 4th annual Skateboard Art Show at the Hive ... local artists were asked to design and paint old skateboard decks -- they displayed all the boards at the event.

Jane's friend (and her bandmate) Way painted one ... it's the amazing one with the ice cream cone. I'm not just biased because I love ice cream - okay, maybe I'm a little biased. But it has white glitter! How awesome is that!

dress/belt/shoes: vintage
thigh highs: aa
sweater: h&m
necklace: gift

*sidenote: I totally hemmed this dress for jane. And by "hemmed" I'm referring to this time she put on the dress late one hot summer night - she stood on the front porch and I took a pair of scissors and cut around the entire dress. So, basically, I'm sorta a seamstress.

** this memory totally makes me miss summer.

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Amber Blue Bird said...

your seamstress skills rock

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