Tuesday, February 15, 2011


My favorite color is - obviously - blue. Hence the blue blazer (thrifted), the blue houndstooth scarf (consignment store), the blue jersey dress (thrifted) and the teal blue tights (some big box store). And hence my desire to wear all this blue at exactly the same time.

In my defense, I was totally wearing gold shoes (thrifted).

This was what I was wearing last week as I did my day job work and then did my blouse job work, taking photos of lovely vintage wearing everyday girls for our February lookbook. Personally, I think the staff at the diner saw my snappy blazer and instantly thought, "Fashion photographer. Definitely a fashion photographer. Yep, camera. There's the camera. We knew it!"


Shauna said...

You look great! Blue suits brings out your eyes...and I'm not kidding! :)

pfg123 said...

My fav color is Blue tooo! Great outfit & love the shoes :)

Sarah Munks said...

I recognize myself in this post, I often bust myself that i am completely in blue :)
Like your outfit, like your blog and like your shop!

Mrs Amber Apple said...

i love it!!

Tierney said...

Ughhhh you are the cutest ever. I regularly find myself wearing head to toe navy, so we're in the same boat girlfriend.

Jenni Wells said...

Its so hard to rock all one color. You do it so effortlessly. I adore the blazer!!

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