Friday, January 28, 2011

think sun. think sun. think sun.

We don't know about your part of the world ... but in our part, we're running out of places to put the snow we're shoveling for hours on end.

We thought for fun, instead of just putting our winter vintage goodies on sale, we'd have an early summer sale (or, for our friends on the other side of the world ... a late summer sale) at the shoppe.
So ... if you've got a good imagination and you can picture swimsuits and straw hats while actually wearing long johns and knit hats ... head over to the shoppe for a special-soon-to-be-over sale on summer!


Tierney said...

Maybe this is loser-ish of me, but I just went back through your blog for like a year, and I totally want to be friends with all of you. Your life seems fun, and your clothes are beautiful.


blouse said...

Ha - so NOT loser-ish! We spend hours and hours creating imaginary friendships with bloggers we stalk. :)

clementine and daisy. said...

its early summer here. i love it!

Maria E. said...

Lovely summery pieces. :) It really, really makes me wish I could buy a bunch of it and get away from all this snow!

~ Maria Elyse

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