Monday, January 31, 2011

snowed in.

With another winter storm making its way towards New England ... I think we may need another Soup + Cozy Sweater Party. Last week (during another winter storm), Jane and her sidekick came over and between homemade soup + trashy cable tv show marathons, we stamped envelopes and wrote out thank you cards for the business.

I loved the white + cream combo of Jane's vintage sweater and lacy tank underneath it. So lovely and winter-y. She's also a bit healthily obsessed with her recently thrifted green boots, perfect for making her way around in the mountains of snow piling up around providence.

We hope wherever you are, you're warm and cozy.


Anonymous said...

i want that sweater AND that dog!

Jenni Wells said...

such a cute photo of her and her dog! the cream top is adorable.

Tierney said...

Awwwww you guys are the best times 2039432.

IS THAT A BASSET HOUND?!! So, a basset hound is totally my dream dog since I was like four. My mom told me I had an invisible basset hound that I named Puddles and was obsessed with.


Shauna said...

Soooo many comments about this post...I need some organization:

1. Poppy is so adorable in this ultra-mini shoot, AND I *heart* that snout in the pic where Jane's putting on her boots!

2. Um...I want those boots! I was seriously thinking today that, although I super love my doc martens I've had since 10th grade (yep, seriously!), I need to get a pair of legit rain boots that I can just pull on to take you know who out in all this winter craziness!

3. I have another shoot idea that involves pics of everyday girls with their pets! Can I just be your idea person??? I think we should form a blouse think tank! ;)

LOVE you girls!!!

Amber Blue Bird said...

I could have used a Soup + Cozy Sweater Party today..what a crazy ice storm

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

love these! x hivennn p.s enter my double vintage camera giveaway?

vintch said...

so darling. love the delicate lace detail under the sweater. stunning. so happy to find your blog!

nesha said...

SOUP!! OH how i love soup. In fact, i'm real hungry so think i'm gonna go and make myself some tomato and basil soup.... with cheese and bread on the side... yum!

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