Tuesday, December 14, 2010

'tis the season.


There I let a week go by blog-less. And we still owe you two more gift guides, shoppe updates and maybe a handy-dandy guide on picking the perfect new year's eve wear.

And yes, maybe I did just say handy-dandy.

Isn't this the season to get so busy and plum forget about things like blogging or shaving your legs? Um, isn't it? It has been busy here in blouse-land ... but finding the time for a little holiday party last night that included chinese take out, no bake cookies, a glass of cabernet and the annual trip to the christmas spectacular in warwick, rhode island (google it-you'll see) got us all in the spirit for the holidays.

Here's some more inspriration from internet-land that'll make you want to drink hot chocolate and lip synch to a little mariah carey ...



Amber Blue Bird said...

that first photo is divine

my best friend jules said...

You're so right! Just seeing the first photo makes me want to wrap myself in a blanket (doing so right now!) and have a cuppa!

Ps. Found your blog via Purple Deer!

Xo Mervi

Hope Adela said...

very pretty pictures! nice to have found your blog! =)

Lucy, Dear Fish said...

I love those ornaments! I want to get lots of vintage ornaments for our tree!

Anonymous said...

hello, i followed your blog & your shop is awesomeee would love to enter in the giveaway!!

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