Friday, December 03, 2010

an outfit post, awkwardly.

It's rather obvious ... but here at blouse - jane is the one in front of the camera and I (jen) am the one behind the camera. And I think it's safe to say the two of are are very comfortable in those places.

But -- today, during a shoot I was doing with a friend + her dog, I let her turn the camera (well, one of the cameras) on me and I posed, awkwardly, on a public street. I kept trying to remember what all these fancy fashion bloggers do - do I look down? do I touch my head? toes in, right? right???

I can't believe I had a small panic attack about something I happen to do all the time. You know, standing up. In conclusion - I'm not quite sure how much of this in front of the camera business I can handle. I do love it behind the camera. I don't have to wash my hair that often or be worried that what I'm thinking on the inside is showing on the outside.

I found this dress at the thrift store ... someone sewed two different dresses together and yes, I probably will attempt to take credit for it if a stranger asks me if I made it. I'm not proud of that. And the shoes! I also found these vintage lace-less oxfords and I'm in love and vainly trying to cram my foot in their bit too smallness. If the blisters continue ... I suppose I'll have to donate them.

And here's a few photos from the real shoot that was happening today ... Shauna + Alex were looking for a little holiday photoshoot for some christmas cards ... We had a lot of fun roaming the adorable cobblestone streets of Providence and posing in front of garland and red bows.


Gail said...

My vote goes to the last photo...the black and white. How sweet!

Shauna said...

That was the most fun day I've had in a long time, Jen! Your pictures are amazing, your camera is amazing, and it was so much fun to be on both sides of the lens with you today! :) Thanks for sharing your talents and letting me use that fancy dslr! ;)

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