Sunday, November 28, 2010

t-day recap.

thanksgiving 2010


.the following beverages were drank/drunken.
.red wine.
.white wine.
.hot apple cider.
.clemenberry punch (aka: cranberry and clementine).
.sparkling cider.
.more wine.

jane wore a 1950s pale brown day dress with a cowl neck and pleats at the waist.
jen wore a 1970s black and gray mini dress with an oval neckline and wide sleeves.
both jane + jen conveniently wore vintage belts that could be made to be looser, if so needed*.

jane wore pilgrim-like shoes, comfortable enough to stand for long period of time while stirring the gravy, etc.
jen wore black ankle booties, uncomfortable enough to slip off during dinner and then accidentally play footsie with, honestly mistaking them for her girlfriend's shoes.

*it was needed.

.the table was set while watching the parade.
.wine cork place settings were made.
.the napkins were ironed folded nicely.
.new wine glasses were brought out.
.the thanksgiving music playlist was played.

.the merging of traditions.

.jen got her ham.
.jane got her marshmallows on top of the candied yams.
.shauna got her midwest corn souffle.
.lu got her gluten free pigs in a blanket.
.ellen got her vegetarian stuffing.

photos by s. summers

.the best part of the day.
(other than staying up until 4am playing board games)

Lu created The Thankful Bowl. During the day - everyone could jot down anything on a little piece of paper and throw it in the bowl. After dinner, full on carbs and butter, we passed the bowl around, taking turns pulling out pieces of paper and reading them aloud.

That little bowl was overflowing with gratefulness. And listening to it all - from our loved ones to our four legged loved ones to our homes to our neighbors that shovel the snow .... it was the perfect moment in a perfect day. (the thankful bowl = a very good idea.)

Hope your holiday was just as warm and fuzzy.


Gail/Mom said...

Thanks for sharing your holiday memories with the rest of us who love blouse.

Ella Press said...

The dog peeking out from under the tablecloth! So funny!

Shauna said...

OMG - this is great! Your blog about Thanksgiving is so much better than my blog about Thanksgiving, but I still want you to read mine. :) It's on Food, Glorious Food! ;) It was indeed the PERFECT Thanksgiving! XOXO

Besos from Bushwick said...

omg jane you're so adorable in these pics..and always..but esp in these pics w/ that new hair. also, whoever's house this is (im guessing kim/jen's)'s ah-mazing.

jane + jen said...

that snout!!! she is so cute! we need to do a photo shoot of her in her new vintage find! haha!


Kate said...

Jane you look like a mom from the 50's in that pic of you with the turkey!

And the one with Poppy under the table cracks me up, hahaha. I love it.

This was my favorite Thanksgiving so far. Thanks ladies! :)

Amber Blue Bird said...

the thankful bowl is such a clever idea!

Anonymous said...

Love all these gorgeous pics- so warm and fun to look at! And y'all look great -- of course!

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