Monday, November 29, 2010

new friends.

Ok ... so "new friends" might be an exaggeration. It's actually "new blogs we're advertising on," but we'd be happy to be gal pals with either of these lovely ladies.

You can now find a cute little blouse ad on purple deer vintage, a sweet blog run by the lovely Melissa (who has charmingly nicknamed us the j.j.'s). Melissa has an amazing eye for vintage goodies - which her shop on etsy attests to.

You can also find blouse on the great blog LuLu Letty -- run by the adorable Maria. Jane has a total blog-crush on this stylish, inspiring, pretty lady. She has a few items up in her vintage shop, O Captain Vintage .. how great are those conductor shorts?? And how great is her style?? We love how she's always changing it up!

Go show our advertisers some blouse love!

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Amber Blue Bird said...

both great blogs!
Thanks for your comment on my blog, I wish my home had more windows, I need like a dozen to get good light for indoor shots

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