Thursday, November 18, 2010

love this superhero.

in case you haven't seen her yet here's the Superhero Grandma by photographer, Sacha Goldberger.

the everyday girl saves the world.

what an awesome duo. this shoot would have cheered me up too!


pfg123 said...

Hahaha~The "A" on her cape must stand for Attitude! I think of her as waring Estee Lauder...why do I associate the brand with older women? And why am I writing a bio for this Superhero Grandma--Go Grandma! GO!

Anonymous said...

I love these pics - they made my day. Thanks. I wish my grandmas were still living so I could print these out and put 'em on their refrigerators (b/c you know my grandmas wouldn't have used email). I especially love that she's sitting under the hair drier with her helmet on.

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