Thursday, November 11, 2010

hilary's look: modern vintage

It's all about Hilary (our everyday girl of the moment) this week!

During her interview ... Hilary told us her style has been called "modern vintage" ... and so, in tribute to the adorable cardigan - skirt style that she rocks, Jane created a few looks for Hilary from some our favorite etsy finds (like hand crocheted tights. hand crocheted, people! how cool is that!)

We can easily see Hilary rocking any of these perfect everyday girl outfits.

handmade crochet fishnet stockings by CasaCocoLoco
leopard print mini skirt by craftycrowvintage
t-strap mary janes by lisazain
deep green hand knitted cardigan by levintovich

vintage green cross strap mary janes by jessamity
vintage 1960s teal skirt by TrolleylaVintage
octopus tights by post
big comfy cardigan by RadVintager

dark navy mary janes by pickypickins
plaid eco skirt by fintintan
goldfish tights by galstern
blue shrug by larimeloom

vintage varsity cardigan by throbackvintage
polka dot skirt by jenfashion
peacock leggings by JillianLanier
vintage woven loafers by LeGrenierSinclair

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