Tuesday, November 09, 2010

halloween withdraw.

It's been about a week since Halloween. And we miss it. Making costumes and figuring out who everyone's supposed to be. Glitter and feathers and face paint. Love it all. Well, except masks. Masks are very scary. You can never be sure who's under there.....Here are some of our favorite Providence Everyday Girls all dressed up for Halloween.

shera. princess of power. so jealous of this costume.

disco is dead: Kimberly

an honorary everyday girl. Alex. a Rockford Peach: all the way may

a shriner. Kate's car didn't really fit in many hallways.

Tracy was Sean White. She won the costume contest!
It was Sam's very first halloween. She's from Australia and was a kangaroo. (adorable) note the Fosters can. I think she liked Providence.

Desiree became a super hero: Deserenegade! She has ALL the super powers.
Kate was Alice since her new hair was so perfect.

Celia was a woodland goddess.
There's Jane in that swan dress.

It took quite a while to make. A lot of gathering and about 10 yards of white tulle. The feathers never made it on, but it was pretty perfect. No matter what all the fashion experts say, Bjork was awesome in this. We cannot wait to see what everyone becomes next Halloween.


Besos from Bushwick said...

oh jane!!! SO hot! I love it!

Gail said...

Great costume, Jane! How fun!!

Amber Blue Bird said...

that swan dress is spectacular

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