Monday, November 29, 2010

gift guides for the old fashioned girl.

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Welcome to blouse's first annual holiday gift guides!

Now that Thanksgiving is over and we can officially play the christmas radio station without any embarrassment - we're thinking of finding that perfect something for that perfect someone to wrap in a big red bow.

This week -- blouse is doing gift guides organized by fashion style ... so whether she's an adorable old fashioned girl that loves arch support and is inspired by all things vintage ... or she's an easygoing hippie that loves the naturals and the neutrals ... or even an ever-so-cool rockstar that loves making a statement ... we'll provide you with clever, creative and affordable gift ideas!

First up ... (a personal favorite of jen's) ... The Old Fashioned Girl.

She's the one with glasses that prefers staying in with a glass of wine and a good board game. She's sexy and smart - a ruthless combination. Loves fashion ... but never sacrifices being comfy and cute. You'll find her in a lot of skirts, mary janes and cardigans. She'll also actually use words like "blouse" and "slacks" in real conversations. Her favorite movies usually lean toward comedies - but she is a sucker for a cheesy romance. Expresses herself through all sorts of creative efforts. Loves to travel ... but also loves coming home. Oh - and loves getting stuff*.

(*needed a transition ...)

(1) born polyana shoes $99 (2) adrian company vintage's leather mary janes $35 (3) black raven vintage's 1950s apron $24 (4) the vamoose's tiny locket $19 (5) 1940s hat from susie q's vintage shop $15 (6) tip top curlers by american duchess $6.99 (7) gingerbread latte pocket dress from ruche $40.99 (8) vintage eyeglasses by eyeglass warehouse (9) giant lavender bags $39 (10) shoe bag by decor sisters $35 (11) rosewater scented hangers $195

(1) slipper boots by holly homemade $60 (2) rag quilt by the trunk show (3) handmade shawl by Jasmine Creations (4) Celestial Sleepytime Vanilla tea $4 (5) owl tea cozy by shazzas knits (6) eco toes slippers by infusion (7) penguin classics from $14 (8) lavender sugar cubes by Pegasus Soaps $7.50 (9) burt's bees bath oil $14

(1) the secret to happiness print by corid (2) mini diana camera $54 (3) Crochet Adorned book $17 (4) mystic owl knitting bag by Knitting Bag $25 (5) stamp set $12.99 (6) martha stewart recipe box $10 (7) professional fabric scissors $55

Next up .... The Tomboy!


~cori said...

you have a real gift for making lovely collections. thanks for including my print, and sharing so many awesome finds.


Shauna said...

WOW! This is AMAZING! How do you find all of these things? It must take HOURS!!! I can't wait to see the tomboy. :) I also need some photoshop lessons. ;) Looks, great, blouse!!! XOXO

American Duchess said...

Sweet! Thank so much for including one of my items in your treasury on Etsy, and in your holiday gift guide! <3 <3 <3

Amber Blue Bird said...

i love that martha stewart recipe box but everything on your lists is perfect. Great guides!

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