Wednesday, October 27, 2010

we love leah loves vintage.

This morning, thinking about raincoats + such, I stumbled upon a new favorite on etsy.

Leah Loves Vintage is an adorable, sweet vintage shop on etsy ... and not only are the clothes pretty .... but her photographs are pretty f-ing sweet too. (we like photography here at blouse.)

They've got a romantic, hazy, vintage feel to them that makes me miss summer and also makes me want to stand at the edge of a lake and look pensive.

Plus -- how adorable are these clothes?? So wearable -- which, is one of my favorite things about clothes. Granted, that may sound ridiculous - but you know what I'm talking about. How many times has the too-tight fad-of-the-moment denim cropped jacket hung in our closet while we wear the elbows out of our favorite, soft vintage cardigan?

(and if I could raid leah loves vintage, I'd already be wearing out this amazing cardigan. love.)

Here's some more goodies from her shop ... my total inspiration for this rainy Wednesday.

photos via leah love vintage


blouse said...

look at those little red sneakers! love.

she's way cute! good find jen!


Anonymous said...

oh, yeah! Those ARE great pics. I especially love the black dress at the bottom. It seems like the kind of dress that will always look good, no matter what you wear with it, or what time of the month it is!

Ginger Snap'♥ said...

Lovely idea for a blog.
These pictures are really pretty :)
Thanks for visiting my blog

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