Tuesday, October 26, 2010

vintage slips.

We've added two vintage slips to the shoppe today ... the ivory oh you sweet thing slip and the sexy black my heart skips a beat slip.

There is something mad sexy about a vintage slip ... I crammed jane + our visiting model joanna into a small, cramped bathroom for this photo session ... and I feel like they should be smoking cigarettes, watching a fuzzy black + white television set and talking about missing their men, gone at war. (I'm pretty sure I've seen that scene in about a hundred old movies.)

Now that I think about it - I should have totally had a flask somewhere in this shot.

blouse has a new obsession ... vintage slips. (especially when you throw in tobacco, alcohol and lipstick.)


Roobs said...

Oooh, these pictures are mad sexy, I remember seeing a preview of them on here the last time i was snooping around....SO HOT. I wanna repost them on our blog, let me know if that's cool.
email me if it's ok:

Roobs said...

And I just called my old man down here ot see em and he concurs, he said, "They're really pretty girls...." and also Milly and I LOVE vintage slips and at one point made pretty much our whole wardrobe out of them through the winter and out and about. Lookin amazing as you can guess, there is something just so flattering about them.
Ok, that's all!

blouse said...

i just wanna let you know that i love your name.

i have a red mini cooper and her name's ruby.

and if i ever have a little girl, her name will prob be ruby too!


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