Friday, October 01, 2010


blouse had houseguests!
(including this purty lady above. and her equally purty hubby below.)

These two flew all the way from Chicago for the -big- fall blouse photoshoot.*

(*that might be a lie. they might have just visited new england for a nice little vacay and jane + i roped joanna into a day long photoshoot where we shoved her into ill fitting bridesmaid dresses, forced her to drink champagne and smile. a lot. )

Beside the photoshoot - we did manage to do touristy things -- they visited important monuments where important things happened and they watched jersey shore for the very first time and they ate clams and they played board games that changed the way they think of carpet.

Basically, I think their lives were changed by this vacation.

Besides the excitment of having a new blouse model and a reason for me + jane to spend eight hours on blouse work - it was amazing to have this couple in my house for four days. They are funny, loving, adventurous, easy and just two of my favorite people. Ever.

If you have a friend a thousand miles away, I highly recommend getting on a plane and visiting that friend. Speaking from my own experience, it will make their day. month. year.

You'll be seeing a lot of joanna around the shoppe -- for now, you can see this pretty improv comedian-creative writer-buffalo wing lover everyday girl in a pretty baby blue dress and a hot pink babydoll dress.

(some of my favorite photos from the vacation...james makes me think we need to start a men's line in the shop and get him in the shoot next time.)


Anonymous said...

That final picture is AMAZING! You should rock a men's line!

Shauna said...

Awwww....this is an AWESOME post! Love the pics! cool would it be to have a men's line at blouse?!?! Um...the only thing is that maybe the line should have it's own "shirt" or "henley." ;)

jane + jen said...

hahaha!!! henley. that's really funny.

i love this everyday girl. i think she should consider moving to New England.....he can come too. just in case we start henley.


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