Sunday, June 13, 2010

tent city.

Despite the here and there rain yesterday ... we headed downtown for a lovely downtown arts festival.

So much talent! So many pretty things! Such good ribs! (ok, truth be told, our main motivation in going might have been the food stands. love that festival food.)

I've got a nice little stack of nice little business cards .... and I'm sure that we'll be mentioning a few of these amazing local folks here and there ... but I had to share this lady right away.

Her business cards say "Art Photography" ... and that sounds right.

Nancy Reid Carr prints her photographs directly onto brushed aluminum ... and bam, read to hang - no framing necessary.

Seeing her work was like no other ... and it's true what she says in her etsy shop - because of the reflective nature of the metal, it's nearly impossible to accurately portray these in a photograph.

In short, I want a wall covered in these photos. It is truly such unique work - beautiful, romantic, haunting pictures that have this amazing look that instantly pulls you in.

Trust me. Buy this art.

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