Friday, June 25, 2010

friday five senses.

... SMELLING ...

cut flowers
that may have been my neighbors, pre-cut.

... SEEING ...

high five montage that
i may be *high five* obsessed with.

... EATING ...

day old birthday cake
that may be better than day of birthday cake.

... TOUCHING ...

freshly processed film photos
from the good old pentax
that may be my favorite.


fun song that
may make me want to put a bow tie on
and dance.


Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed these "five senses" and googling directions to make a bowtie! I already know how to dance!! sorta. M

Joanna said...

Um, that high-five montage might be my new favorite thing in the world.

But that "touching" picture makes this potential model worried that she isn't as photogenic as she had hoped.... I need to work on my angles.

Having "interesting teeth" is vintage, isn't it?

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