Friday, June 04, 2010

blouse would rather not.

This, how do I put it ... gross tee shirt is being sold by Urban Outfitters.

Please tell me the place I can buy a nice gray tee shirt with words "Eat More" written across it.

The entire blouse team will instantly purchase them - and we will wear them proudly as we shove our faces with seafood after a photo shoot, like we did tonight.

Hell, I've got a permanent marker and some old hanes tee shirts lying around -- it's a party.

(gross urban outfitters. really, really gross.)

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clementine and daisy. said...

this is why i thoroughly do not support urban outfitters. this, and because i can make half the stuff in there.
and this is coming from a girl who barely eats as is and typically gives half my food away, but i still want to option of eating it!!

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