Wednesday, May 26, 2010

secret sales.

We love a tradition here at blouse.

And we love our blog readers. (did you know that? that we love you? too soon?)

So ... we're combining all this love and starting a secret blog sale ... where, one blouse item (each week!) will be on sale here on the blog ... and not even on sale at the shoppe!

It'll just be a sale for our lovely readers! We'll tell you the sale and the secret code (oohh! secrets! like good friends! you and us. too much still? too heavy?) and all you'll need to do is convo us with the code and it's all yours!!

In honor of today's 97 degree temps here in New England ... we're going to start with the summer time lounging dress ...

Currently $29 in the shoppe ... for you lovelies -- it can be yours for only $18! You have one week to convo us with the secret code (ice cream) ... and soon, you can be lounging in your very own summer time vintage cool breezy cotton dress.

summer time lounging dress
in the shoppe for $29
blog sale for $18!
secret code: ice cream

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