Monday, April 19, 2010


I recently discovered a flickr group named -strawberry fields forever- and ever since all I want to do is lay in a field of overgrown grass, in a white dress, being all feminine and looking all reflective.

Simply adore these pictures.

When I think of feminine dresses and such - it's hard not to think about the etsy store: armour sans anguish. They create the most perfect handmade pieces out of things like doilies. Seriously. I'm in love with the veiled conversation dress ... and it looks like they took a lace tablecloth and turned it into a romantic, lovely handmade dress. I'd try it myself, but I have a feeling I would look like I was wearing a giant, shapeless lace tablecloth. Maybe with a drawstring or something like that.

So, I'll leave it to the lovely, romantic experts over at armour sans anguish. Seriously ladies, keep it up. Just beautiful.

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