Thursday, January 21, 2010

We meet again.

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I was obsessed with the first season of Project Runway. I was unemployed at the time, sleeping on my sister's couch, so maybe "unhealthily emotionally invested" is a better way to describe how much I loved that show.

Remember Jay? Kara? Austin? The dreaded Wendy Pepper? *shudder* If you wanted to be a villain when you grow up, you couldn't pick a better name than Wendy Pepper.

Last night, I caught a rerun of the first episode of the new season on Lifetime. Now, don't get me wrong, I love me a embarrassing cheesy lifetime movie once in a while, but why Lifetime again? I heard through the grapevine that last season was boring -- and I vaguely remember halfway dozing through a swimsuit episode or something.

Maybe it was because I was emotionally vulnerable last night, but I found myself starting to get pulled back in. God, I will get addicted to anything. At least reality tv probably won't land me on Intervention. ("Jen, your addiction to Bravo reality television shows has hurt me negatively in the following ways.)

But did anyone really love the clothes? Am I missing something?

Thought this creation was cute and simple - but a little too cute and simple.

This was definitely not simple - but also made me seriously crave some potato chips, which probably wasn't the reaction she was going for.

The two I wanted to like the most:

It's like a sexy Alice in Wonderland. You know, Alice, the lady with the uneven boobs and pouchy rump.

I liked these colors/materials/patterns the best, but again, I thought the cauliflowers all over the stomach screamed a little too much, "I'm DIFFERENT. damn it."

The one I actually hated:

It looks like something from a Crocodile Dundee's wet dream. Not a fan.

I guess I'll DVR it, just in case it gets really good. But if I need room for Modern Family, I think we know who is in. And who is out.

(ha! i had to go there!)

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