Friday, January 01, 2010

blouse resolutions.

Happy new decade from us here at blouse!

We hope you had fun ringing in the new year last night, wherever you may be. And that your 2010 has been as lazy, comfortable, delicious and cozy as ours so far.

Any resolutions for the new decade? Here at blouse we started thinking of some things we'd like to see happen this year.

Here's Jane's:
* only buy clothes that fit. instead of EVERYTHING that may just be vintage.
* buy more practical shoes (obviously jealous of jen's naturalizers. mmmm. arch support. sexy.)
* wear more weather appropriate clothing (immediately took this one back. those negative temps can't stop the cute dresses.)

Here's Jen's:
* wear jewelry. since I'm usually always late I barely have time to put on the same two shoes, let alone earrings.
* make a dress. sew it. like, from a pile of fabric and thread.
* take more risks. like skinny jeans. okay, maybe not that risky. maybe just more hats.

From the blouse team - we hope that your year is filled with lots of perfectly sized vintage clothing and other good stuff, like love and adventures.

happy 2010!

jane + jen

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pfg123 said...

Happy New Year!
Best Wishes for 2010 :)

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